Crochet and Knitting patterns for the nature and nostalgia lovers. You'll find a variety of knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels. Quilt-inspired crochet blankets are my passion. Take a look around and find something that inspires you!

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Nature & Nostalgia Inspired

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  • Crochet Blanket Blog

    Do you love Quilt-inspired crochet blankets? How about something for all of your stash or scrap yarn? Come see what new blankets are being talked about on the Crochet Blanket Blog!

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  • Crochet Temperature Blanket

    Have you always wanted to crochet a temperature blanket? Check out the Quilted Crochet Temperature Blanket! Jump in at any time. The squares move fast!

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  • Knit Blanket Blog

    From super beginner friendly, to heirloom cables, there's something for everyone on the Knit Blanket Blog!

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