After the Storm Crochet Rainbow Blanket

After the Storm Crochet Rainbow Blanket


Simply put – people and their stories were the inspiration behind the After the Storm Crochet Rainbow Blanket. I absolutely fell in love with the Lion Brand Skein Tones colors and when they first released them there were 12 hues. I wanted to be able to use all 12 to represent an array of humans.

Have you ever been stopped at a stop light and you just look around you at the other people and you wonder what their stories are? Maybe that’s just me…but I like getting to know people on a deeper level. What makes you, you? 

If you’ve been around this blog from the beginning you know some of what makes me, me. The inspiration behind this blanket was stories. One of mine is my fourth child, Parker. He’s my double rainbow baby. He’s my sweet rainbow after my storm. 

I want you to create the After the Storm Crochet Rainbow Blanket for your story, whatever that may be. Or create it to celebrate someone else’s story. 

after the storm crochet rainbow blanket

Final Dimensions: 42 inches (107 cm) wide x 50 inches (127 cm) tall

Supplies Needed

  • Crochet Hook: 5.5mm/H – adjust your hook size if you adjust the yarn weight. I love using Furls Hooks. They are so comfortable and I don’t get stressed hands or wrists like I once did. Use the code HOOK15 for 15% off. 
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Basic Stitch & Skein Tones
  • Colors Used and Yardage:
As seen from center to the left on the bottom rainbow:
    • Nutmeg – 80 yards (73 meters)
    • Adobe – 69 yards (63 meters)
    • Cedarwood – 58 yards (53 meters)
    • Peachy – 64 yards (59 meters)
    • Ivory – 58 yards (53 meters)
    • Cocoa – 31 yards (28 meters)
As seen from the center to right on the top rainbow:
    • Mahogany – 80 yards (73 meters)
    • Honey – 69 yards (63 meters)
    • Truffle – 58 yards (53 meters)
    • Hazelnut – 64 yards (59 meters)
    • Almond – 58 yards (53 meters)
    • Ebony – 31 yards (28 meters)
    • White (Uses Basic Stitch) – 740 yards (677 meters)



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      after the storm crochet blanket 

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