Crochet Ivy Hat

Crochet Ivy Hat

The crochet Ivy Hat is a free pattern here on the blog! Read on to learn about the design inspiration and all materials needed to create this crochet blanket. 

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The crochet Ivy Beanie is special to me. This pattern, along with three others, came to me after the loss of my baby in March, 2018. After the major grief and several weeks of binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu, I put a lot of my focus back into crocheting and knitting in order to pull myself back up. This was the first pattern that came to me. It spilled out of me and as soon as I finished it I knew that on some subconscious level it had been in my baby’s honor because I looked at this hat and immediately thought “This one will be called The Ivy Beanie.” Her name was Ivy and the sweet little vines created on this hat reminded me of her name. This hat was part of my healing process.

Finished Dimensions for an Adult Hat: The brim is 8 inches/20 cm across, the body of the hat is 9 inches/23 cm across, and the hat is 10 inches/25.5 cm tall.

The PDF pattern includes instructions for baby - adult sizes. 

Gauge: In 2.5 inches/6.4cm wide by 2 inches/5 cm tall you should have two pattern repeats (one puff, one hdc, one puff, one hdc) across and 4 puff stitches high.

Supplies Needed

  • Crochet Hook: 6mm/J for the body and a 5mm/H for the brim. I love using Furls Hooks. They are so comfortable and I don’t get stressed hands or wrists like I once did.
  • Yarn: Approximately 2.3 oz (66 g) / 215 yards (198 m) of Worsted Weight yarn

Stitch Abbreviations

  • SC – single crochet
  • CH – chain
  • SK – skip
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • ST/STS – stitch/stitches
  • SLST – slip stitch
  • PS – puff stitch: YO, insert hook into specified space/stitch, YO draw up a loop. There will now be 3 loops on the hook. YO and insert hook into that same space/stitch, YO, pull up a loop. There will now be 5 loops on your hook. YO, draw through all 5 loops. Ch 1.


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Brim for Adult (22 inch/56 cm head circumference): With your 5mm/H hook, ch 8. Work 7 Sc sts down your chain. Mark this side with a stitch marker. You’ll want to remember that this is your right side at the end. Ch 1, and turn. *Working in the back loop only for all your stitches, Sc 7, ch 1, turn* Repeat this until you have done 59 rows.

When you have reached the end, fold your brim in half so that your right side rows are facing each other. Ch 1 and Slst through the back loop of your working edge and the edge of your non-working edge to join your two ends together. When you’re done, flip your brim inside out and your seam should be invisible.

Do not cut your yarn. With your 6mm/J Hook: Ch 1 and work 59 Sc sts around the edge of your brim.

Round 1: Ch 2. *Sk 1, work 2 PS into the next st, Sk 1, Hdc in the next st* Repeat until the last 3 sts. Sk 1, work 2 PS into the next st, Sk 1, join with a Slst to the top of your Ch 2 st from the beginning of your round.

Rounds 2 – 19: Ch 2. *Work 2 PS into the Ch 1 space between your previous two PS, Hdc into the top of your previous Hdc St* Repeat around until the last PS. Work 2 PS into the Ch 1 space of your last PS. Join with a Slst to top of your Ch 2 from the beginning of your round. After you complete your last round you will finish off and leave a long tail for closing. I leave around 15 inches/38 cm.


Turn your hat inside out. Weave your tail back and forth through the stitches on each side of your hat for around 1/3 of the width. Cinch this section. Weave your tail through the other side once more and pull your tail through the middle of the large loop you just created to make a knot here.

2/3 of your hat should remain open now. Push the edge of the opening to the middle where you just finished your cinch.

You’ll now have two openings. Weave down the side of one opening to close it. When you reach that end you’ll need to weave back down to the center and cinch and secure with a knot.

Now you can move down your last edge stitches and cinch that area closed. Weave in your end and flip back to the right side. Now your hat is complete!

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