Crochet Cold December Night Scarf

Crochet Cold December Night Scarf

The crochet Cold December Night Scarf is a free pattern here on the blog! Read on to learn about the design inspiration and all materials needed to create this crochet blanket. 

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I’ve spent almost my entire life living in the Midwest and I may not always love how cold it can be, but I do love watching the snow fall and sparkle and as I’ve gotten older I have grown to actually look forward to the slow down that comes with Winter. The yarn originally used to create this scarf was a fluffy yarn that had little bits of sequence throughout it. It reminded me of snow.

cold december night scarf

Supplies Needed

  • Crochet Hook: 6.5mm/K. I love using Furls Hooks. They are so comfortable and I don’t get stressed hands or wrists like I once did.
  • Yarn: Originally I used Lion Brand's Winter Nights yarn to create this scarf. It was a very lightweight Worsted yarn, that felt more like a DK. They no longer sell this yarn, however, the yarn very much reminded me of a Suri or Mohair. You could use any DK or Worsted weight yarn to create this pattern, but I think it would be really amazing if you held 2 strands of Suri or Mohair together. You will need approximately 744 yards (680 meters). 


Stitch Abbreviations

  • Ch – chain
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • Slst – Slip Stitch
  • YO – Yarn Over


Important Notes:

Gauge: Not super important, but if you are concerned you should be getting 7 Star Stitches (which is a Row 1 and 2 repeat) by 8 rows (Rows 1 and 2 together, creating 4 Star Stitch Rows) in a 4×4″ swatch

Finished Dimensions: 5.75 in / 14.5 cm wide by 80 in / 203cm long  

Notes: You will always slip stitch to the first stitch and not the chain when finishing your rows. 

cold december night scarf



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Setup: Ch 41. Join the round, being careful not to twist your chain. 

Row 1: Ch 3. Pick up 5 stitches as follows: beginning in the 2nd ch from the hook, YO, pull up a loop. In the 3rd ch from the hook, YO, pull up a loop. In the first ch st, YO, pull up a loop. *YO, pull up a loop in the next ch st* Repeat once more. You should have 6 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all 6 loops. Ch 1. *Pull up a loop in the ch 1 space you just created. Pull up a loop from the back loop of the last stitch from your last Star Stitch. Pull up a loop from the same stitch that your last loop from your previous Star Stitch came from. Pull up a loop in each of the next 2 stitches. YO and pull through all 6 loops on your hook. Ch 1.* Repeat this to the end. Join with a slst to the first st.

Row 2: Ch 2. 2 HDC in each ch 1 space from the previous row. Join with a slst to the first HDC stitch.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for 72 more repeats.

When you reach the end, slst your tube shut on both ends. Weave in your ends.

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