Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf

Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf

The crochet Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf is a free pattern here on the blog! Read on to learn about the design inspiration and all materials needed to create this crochet blanket. 

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I absolutely love loopy infinity scarves in the fall and winter. I also love yarn that changes colors and never leaves you bored. So I created an easy to learn infinity scarf that you'll want to make again and again. This is my favorite thing to make repeatedly and I find myself reaching for one of these scarves all the time in the cold months.

This Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf is created with a large hook and DK weight yarn. Lion Brand Mandala has been a fan favorite for this. I have also made them with Lion Brand Comfy Cotton as well as some hand dyed yarn of my own. Using the large hook with the thinner yarn provides a super bouncy piece. The finished scarf is lightweight but provides so much warmth without feeling heavy.

This crochet infinity scarf has been my top seller and I absolutely love seeing everyone's creations.

Supplies Needed for DK Weight Version

  • Crochet Hook:10mm N/P (the letter can vary from one company to another). A note about hook size: if you choose to use a smaller hook, know that the length and outcome of this piece will be different. It is totally fine if you crochet loosely for this piece. The point of it is to create a very soft, squishy, and airy piece. You may not end up with the same result if you choose to use a smaller hook. I love using Furls Hooks. They are so comfortable and I don’t get stressed hands or wrists like I once did. Use the code HOOK15 for 15% off. 

    Yarn: Weight 3 (DK). For the original versions I created, I used an entire cake of Lion Brand Mandala 5.3oz/590 yards. Some people have also used thinner weight 4 (worsted weight) yarns

Fingering Weight Version

In 2024 I created a fingering weight version of this scarf. I used a 5.5mm/I hook to create this version. For my fingering weight version I used up a bunch of 20g minis I had. I believe it ended up using around 220g. You could get away with using just 200g (typically 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn) or just use up a bunch of 20g minis!

Sizing for the Fingering Weight: I created mine in a Medium/Large. I’m a petite person and don’t mind this size. If leaves a little space around the neck. If you like a slightly more snug/cozy fit or if you’re creating this for more petite person, you may want to go with a Small/Medium.

    Stitch Abbreviations

    • FHDC - Foundation Half Doube Crochet 
    • HDC - Half Double Crochet

    Notes: I use a foundation half double crochet chain to start because it gives a good stretch and doesn’t leave you with a super twisty chain to work into. In addition, you wont be left with a tighter first row than the rest of your rows. Using the size hook that I use for this pattern might make the FHDC look a little scary and loose, but I promise you that once you start working into it, it makes a beautiful, fluffy piece. If you absolutely do not want to use a Foundation Chain you can Chain 140 stitches, join in the round, and HDC into each chain around for your beginning round. 

    Video Tutorials

    This video explains how to FHDC using larger yarn. WATCH ME

    This video explains how you make your final stitch to join in the round. WATCH ME

    Watch me create a mini version of the entire scarf from start to finish in DK weight yarn in the video below


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    How to Crochet the Sugar Shack Infinity Scarf


    Round 1: FHDC 139 and join to make your last stitch, for a total count of 140 FHDC. (If you are using Sock Weight yarn, use a 5mm/H hook and begin with 299 FHDC and join to make 300. I marked every 50 stitches to make counting easier). 

    Notes for Round 2: You will now begin your HDC rows. You will not be placing these in the top of your HDC stitch like you normally would. You will be working between the stitches. You can end whenever you’d like to or when you run out of yarn. If you’re using a Mandala cake, just use the whole thing up.

    Round 2: Ch 1. HDC between each stitch from your previous round. Repeat around. Join with a slip stitch to the top of the first HDC. (140 sts).

    Continue to do this for each round until the end. 

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