Brioche Knit Sequoia Scarf

Brioche Knit Sequoia Scarf

The Brioche Knit Sequoia Scarf is such a versatile scarf. You can knit this classic staple piece for women or for men. I knit this scarf using two strands held together of Date Nights Yarn by Lion Brand. It created such a squishy piece with excellent drape and warmth. You can use the double strand method or you can head straight to the bulky yarn and go that route. 

I’m a fan of lifelong learning and I feel that everyone should keep learning new things in life. So, if you haven’t yet tried out the Brioche stitch, it’s time to learn! If you have already learned Brioche than this is just a fun classic piece for you to whip up! Brioche knitting with two colors is stunning. If you want to try your hand at Brioche in the round with two colors, check out my Midnight Cowl. But, Brioche knitting with one color is also gorgeous and classic, so why not know how to do both?! 

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Supplies Needed

Needle Size: US 10.5/6.5mm 16" circular knitting needle (to be worked flat)

Yarn used: 4 skeins of Lion Brand Date Nights – worsted weight yarn held double. Grab the kit HERE

Or 880 yards/805 meters of worsted weight held double OR 440 yards/402 meters of Bulky 


Stitch Abbreviations

BrK  Brioche Knit: Knit your knit stitch and yarn over together.

BO – Bind off

CO – cast on

K – Knit

Kbl – Knit through the back loop

P – Purl

Sl1 – Slip 1 Purl Wise 

Sl1yo – Slip 1 Yarn over: Yarn over and slip your next stitch purlwise. 

Wyif – With Yarn in Front

Brioche Knit Sequoia Scarf

Important Notes

It takes 1-2″ to see your pattern start to emerge. 

Mark the right side of your work (as in not your wrong side). 

I also suggest putting in a lifeline here and there. I like to put one in after I do a few inches. Then I will remove it and move it up a few inches. If you mess up in Brioche it can be extremely difficult to rip back and correct yourself without having to rip apart your entire project. Ask me how I know that…
So do yourself a favor and just put in a lifeline and move it along with you as you work. 

Here is a video of how to work one color brioche – flat.

Please note that I do not create my pattern in the exact same way, so please watch that video to understand how to do Brioche Knit and Slip 1 Yarn Overs, but nothing else. 

Gauge: 10 sts wide x 13 sts high in a 4″ swatch

Finished Dimensions: 7.5″ (19 cm) wide by 70″ (178 cm) long

Brioche Knit Sequoia Scarf


With yarn held double (if using worsted weight yarn) cast on 25 sts

Setup: Sl1 pw wyif, *K1, Sl1yo* Repeat until the last 2 sts. K1, Sl1 pw wyif.

Row 1: Ktbl, *Sl1yo, BrK* Repeat until the last 2 sts. Sl1yo, Ktbl. 

Row 2: Sl1 pw wyif, *BrK, Sl1yo* Repeat until the last 2 sts. BrK, Sl1 pw wyif. 

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for 70 inches/178 cm, ending with a Row 1. 

To Bind Off: Sl1 pw wyif, *BrK, with the left needle pass the first stitch on your right needle over the one on your left, P1, with the left needle pass the first stitch on your right needle over the one on your left* Repeat until the last 2 sts. BrK, with the left needle pass the first stitch on your right needle over the one on your left, Knit the last stitch. Fasten off. 

You can choose to either let your ends hang free like a traditional scarf or you can sew your ends together and make it into an infinity scarf. It will wrap twice in most cases. 

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