Knit the Festival of Lights Scarf

Knit the Festival of Lights Scarf

The Festival of Lights Scarf is the perfect project to throw in your project bag and go. Eventually you memorize what you're doing and you just pull it out and pick back up where you left off. 

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Important Notes

My scarf ended up 56” long. It’s not a length that will do a lot of wrapping for me, but that’s ok because I was going for more of a coat scarf; one that just hangs loosely. You are free to create any length you would like. The final product produces a lovely, squishy texture. Eventually I would like to knit another longer one that I can wrap one time. 

I used Lion Brand Ferris Wheel for this scarf. I cast on with my Evergreen color. In the sample photos you will see that I actually have more than 10 rows of ribbing (I did 17), but for this pattern I am going to recommend only 10 because I had to tap into a second skein and that wasn’t part of the plan.

Then I added in Wild Violets. I let this color fully repeat twice. This particular yarn will give me 10 Bubble Stitch rows before it repeats back to the color I started with (so I did 20 Bubble Stitch rows total before I went to another skein in a new color). I started this color in the deep bluish hue and ended (after 20 Bubble Stitch rows) in the purple. I then picked up my Vintage Carousel and started with the bright blue. Now, interestingly enough, Vintage Carousel only gives you about 5 ½ – 6 Bubble Stitch rows before it switches back to the beginning color. But, to keep with the pattern, I only repeated this color twice as well and I ended up with 12 full Bubble Stitch rows before I went back to my Wild Violets and repeated the process once more. The difference in rows did not bother me when it came to the look of the scarf, but it did make writing this pattern a bit difficult. In the end I used the entire skein of Wild Violets and had a little leftover in the Vintage Carousel.

You may end up needing a second skein of you background color depending on which Bubble Stitch colors you decide to go with. As I demonstrated above, not every color repeats in the same fashion. Wild Violets gave me 10 Bubble Stitch rows before repeating and Vintage Carousel gave me just shy of 6. I recommend that you start with one skein of each color. See what happens with your color repeats (if you’re using other colors than I did). You may end up with a longer scarf!



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knit scarf pattern

Supplies Needed

Needle size: US 7/4.5mm 16” circular US

Yarn: Lion Brand Ferris Wheel Yarn (Worsted Weight)

Color A – Background Color (at minimum 270 yards)

Color B – Bubble Stitch Color (at minimum 423 yards). Note: I actually used 2 Color B colors. You can read about this in the notes above. In one color I used the entire 270 yards and in the other color I used 153 yards.


Stitch Abbreviations

K – Knit

P – Purl

Bubble Stitch – as explained in pattern.

K4B – Knit 4 Below (you will be unraveling stitches and knitting in the stitch below it; the Bubble Stitch Video above demonstrates this technique).


Gauge: I have 5 full bubble stitch rows in 4 inches

how to knit a scarf, bubble knit scarf


With Color A: CO 72 sts and join in the round (cast on 1 extra stitch if using the slip stitch join method).

Ribbing: *K3, P1* repeat around for 10 rows.

Rows 1 & 2: K all sts

Row 3 – 6: Switch to Color B and K all sts

Row 7: Switch to Color A *K3, K4B* repeat around

Row 8: Continue working in Color A and K all sts

Row 9 – 12 : Switch to Color B and K all sts

Row 13: Switch to Color A and *K1, K4B, K2* repeat around

Row 14: Continue working in Color A and K all sts

Continue repeating rows 3 – 14 until you have reached your desired length in Bubble Stitch rows.

Note for the end ribbing section: At the end you will have ended with either rows 7 and 8 or rows 13 and 14 in your Color A. You will now start your ribbed edge. Whether you do a 3×1 ribbing or a 1×3 ribbing will depend on how your Bubble Stitches are laying in your final row. Your 3 knit stitches should be over the top of a Bubble and your purl should lie in between them, just like we did when we started the scarf.

End Ribbing: *K3, P1* OR *P1, K3* repeat around for 10 rows.

Bind off and weave in your ends.

Enjoy your new squishy scarf!

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