The Honeycomb Pillow

The Honeycomb Pillow

The Summer of 2019 I kept finding a Bumble Bee in my kitchen. It would be there at odd times, when doors hadn't yet been opened. It was calm and seemed to know I wouldn't hurt it. I was able to gently pick it up and pet it on the back and take it outside. This continued to happen on several occasions. One morning I found it, put it on some Lilac’s we had inside, and brought it back outside. It didn’t fly away until after I pet its back again and said good-bye. It was a totally memorable experience. My kids still talk about our Bee. I designed this pillow, along with my Bumble Bee Pillow in honor of that Bee. 


Get the Honeycomb Pillow pattern from my shop and save big when you bundle 3 or more patterns. See the codes below. The PDF pattern includes colored photo tutorials, notes, a video on how to attach a zipper (if you choose to), and a color coded chart to follow. 

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Enjoy Bees as much as I do? 

Grab the crochet Bumble Bee Pillow Pattern HERE

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Supplies Needed

Crochet hook size: H/8 – 5mm. I love using Furls Hooks. They are so comfortable and I don’t get stressed hands or wrists like I once did.

Yarn: I used Yarn Bee Rustic Romantic from Hobby Lobby for this pillow. 

  • Main color: (2) “Oakie Wheat” Yarn Bee Rustic Romantic – 5.2oz/327 yds
  • Contrasting color: (2) “Sugared Oats” Yarn Bee Rustic Romantic – 2.2oz/138yds on the front panel & 4.4oz/277yds for the back panel (6.6oz/415yds in total)

Pillow Form: 16” x 16” (I am using one with a zipper on the top; I found it at Walmart).

Optional: 14” zipper

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